Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of DASP Srl - the first European channel partner of the Sciex group - aims to reduce the gap between the expectations of the end customer and his real perception of the service offered by the organization itself in the present and in the future.

The pursuit of this objective is ensured through the implementation of a Quality Management System compliant with the requirements expressed by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard (CSQA - CERTIFICATE N ° 42242).
DASP Srl founds in its corporate values ​​the fulcrum of all the company's activities with particular reference to

  • customer care and loyalty
  • teamwork
  • knowledge of the products offered

Last but not least, the core values ​​of the founding members, which can be traced back to loyalty, punctuality, professionalism and the ability to work as a team, represent the foundation on which the company itself is based.
The continuous involvement of specific stakeholders present in the operational activities of the QMS of DASP Srl, represents a strong impulse to the maintenance and / or creation of stable human relationships between present and future customers and the members of the company team, in order to achieve planned results. The creation of a real interconnection network between customers, their applications and their requirements represents a constant source of innovative requests from the team, which translates into the creation of new operational activities such as scientific seminars, training, development of new analytical methods and new market opportunities.
The continuous teamwork carried out daily between the company components ensures a constant involvement of all the internal parts of the company in achieving the company objectives, creating awareness and greater individual responsibility for the pursuit and maintenance of all the values ​​in the policy for the quality.
DASP Srl is a new reality operating in the scientific instrumentation market, and specifically in mass spectrometry, which thanks to its components is able to guarantee scientific and commercial technical knowledge such as to be able to satisfy the most disparate market demands. The company is increasingly seen by the customer not as a simple sales company, but as a partner capable of solving or perfecting even the largest analytical problems.
DASP Srl has always recognized the importance that external stakeholders have contributed to their technological and scientific growth through the skills of their specific application sector (eg clinical analysis, food safety and basic research).
The company has as its primary objective the use and management of the best means and technologies to achieve corporate purposes. These means for rationalizing the performance of daily work, allowing communication with customers and giving visibility and image to the company's initiatives.
In compliance with the explicit and implicit requirements of the final customer, DASP Srl defines the following strategic and operational objectives:

  • identify, configure and optimize, for any analytical need, the Mass Spectrometer and its use
  • ensure technical-analytical support that meets the needs of developing new analytical methods and / or optimizing existing ones
  • guarantee the maintenance or increase of the productivity of the user laboratory
  • deliver theoretical-practical training plans in the field of chromatography, mass spectrometry and chemometric management of analytical data
  • organize and manage scientific dissemination events on the use of mass spectrometry in the field of environmental control and food safety and in the clinical and toxicological field

Through the collection and analysis of data relating to customer satisfaction, DASP Srl undertakes to ensure continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and related processes.


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