Feasibility studies

on new analytical methods that you want to implement in your laboratory

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Feasibility studies

The support provided can concern both the sample preparation phase and the instrumental phase, and if it is a non-standard method we are able to guide you in the complete validation process of the method itself, as required by certification bodies such as Accredia. We remind you that, as established by the ISO / IEC 17025 standard, the laboratory must validate non-standard methods, methods developed / designed by the laboratory, standard methods used outside its intended field of application, as well as extensions and modifications of methods. to confirm that the methods are suitable for the intended use.


The analytical methods in use for a continuous improvement of the laboratory

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Thanks to the experience we have gained, we are able to optimize and improve the analytical methods you have already implemented or plan to implement in the future. A path led by our specialists will be able to address all the key points necessary for the optimization of the analytical method of interest.


of the laboratory to increase and improve productivity by exploiting Industry 4.0.

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From the automation of sample preparation procedures, to the implementation of the internet of things following the guidelines of Industry 4.0 we are able to work by your side to increase and improve the productivity of your laboratory, as well as to provide you with important tax relief.

COVID-19 update

While there is still uncertainty, DaSP is doing everything possible to minimize the impact to you and your lab. The health and well-being of our associates, customers and community remain our top priority.

In order to be able to intervene promptly, our specialists are able to connect directly to your instruments through the BOMGAR support portal, which uses a connection with TLS 1.2 protocol capable of communicating through an encrypted network that prevents tampering, falsification and interception of data.

DaSP - A strategic partner

Since 10 years alongside customers to support, improve and increase the productivity of the laboratory.

From sample preparation to data reprocessing, passing through specific LC-MS methods developed and optimized for customer needs, we work alongside laboratories operating in the field of food safety and environmental control, guaranteeing constant scientific and application support.

We also operates in the field of the clinical and toxicological sector, implementing automation processes alongside the largest public and private hospitals and contributing to the evolution of the clinical laboratory during the transition from immunoassay to mass spectrometry.

Hybrid Mass Spectrometer, QTRAP and QTOF

For all your analytical needs we are able to use the most innovative analytical technologies to solve it successfully.

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